December – The Official Month of Ungratefulness – Meditation #whocares

I must admit that my dedication is waning. If you haven’t noticed, daily meditations are not quite so daily anymore. Fuck, it’s nearly Christmas and even though I am not a Christian, I am happy to join into the over indulgence and general lack of work motivation that exists in the days leading up to the holiday.


I’ll keep it short. Across the street from us, a house appeared one night. Now you might think that is rather odd, but where I live, not so much. I went out for dinner with a friend at 7pm. There was no house. I came home just after 10pm. There was a house.

Here is a quick back story for those who are interested. Apparently the guy who owns the piece of land had a lovely family – wife and kids. Being a douchebag, he shacked up with another woman and abandoned his wife and kids. He douchebaggily forgot, while his penis was accidentally falling into a woman’s vagina that did not belong to his wife, that his father lived on a piece of land owned by…you didn’t guess it, did you? His wife!


His wife, tired of douchebaggery, kicked man with uncontrollable penis to the curb and evicted father of douchebag. Father of douchebag, for the sake of future reference, fixes washing machines. Because douchebag son owned land, he had to let his father move to that land. Where we live, people often take their whole house with them when they move.

Apparently – and you have to keep in mind I live in a small town where the truth is never considered a necessary component of any good story – father of douchebag asked permission from the local council to move his house and was denied permission. So, because ingenuity is the product of necessity, house was moved in the dark. You know, you can’t see houses being moved at night. Even though there are streetlights. Oh well, never mind.


The thing is that father of douchebag seems a cordial gentleman. Aside from the fact that he may actually become an episode of the hoarders, he’s a pleasant neighbour. And here it comes. His wife washes their clothes, sheets and everything else that requires washing, by hand, in a plastic bucket. He has about a dozen washing machines in his garden. Is this a case of genetic douchebaggery, my privilege not recognising that perhaps they can’t afford to run a washing machine, she has a distrust of washing machines and thinks she can do it better by hand, or something else? I’m still pondering.


So, today I am ungrateful for having this quandary forced upon me every time I walk through my gate. How can someone be surrounded by washing machines and yet need to do their laundry by hand? This morning I encountered a person wealthy enough to travel to the Caribbean for the winter proudly proclaiming how she does her family’s washing in a bucket while they are on holiday, to fill her time. Maybe I should tell father of douchebag to send his laundry to her too. She clearly has far too fucking much time on her hands.



8 thoughts on “December – The Official Month of Ungratefulness – Meditation #whocares

      • Old habits die hard. I know a Mexican woman who doesn’t ‘trust’ the machines in our building and washes by hand first and then washes again in the machines. Now THAT’s a royal waste of time. Just spritz some perfume and that’s that.
        I think she has an addiction to the scent of fabric softener. I can’t use fabric softener because of a scent allergy.
        In essence and in conclusion, people are really fucking complex. Fuck knows why people do the things they do!!

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      • ‘complex’ – a very polite to say ‘fucked up’. Washing your clothes before they go in the washing machine reminds me of dishwashers. I have never had one as my only experiences with them have involved having to wash the fucking dishes before you put them in the dishwasher. So, I don’t understand the point of them. I want a dishwasher to be like a proper dish washing machine. You just dump them all in, add the soap and they come out lovely and clean at the end. Do one of those exist?

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      • It might exist, and if it does, it’s probably a pretty penny. A wealthy family member owns ‘robot vacuums’, little spherical thingies that you let loose in your home and it just wanders around the ground sucking up dirt and dust.
        They’re very cool, but I don’t have the same square footage as she does and therefore can’t justify spending that much.


  1. I’m the partner of a man who fixes washing machines and while we only have 3 washing machines in our yard, I can say that every time my washing machine breaks down and stays so until he has time and sufficient funds to buy parts to fix ours, how the living fuck can I be living with a technician and yet my washing machine breaks? Of course it never breaks when his kids are washing or he is washing. I think the machines have something against me. Currently, the machine is on the fritz but I can assure you, I’m not washing in no bucket. I bought enough undergarments this summer in the US to be good for weeks. (and even if I have to resort to doing them by hand they are not too terrible). Everybody else’s dutty batty is on his/her own!


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