December – The Official Month of Ungratefulness – Meditation #11

Right now, while everyone is wondering about how USA people voted for Trump, I’m still being aggravated by how many other things they do that make no sense. Don’t even start me on calling a sport that only they compete in the ‘World Series’, or calling a game where they pass around something that vaguely resembles an egg with their hands ‘football’. The fact that Sting now wants to live there because he’s ‘more accepted’ shows how little sense things make in the USA. But the thing that irks me the most, mainly because I have do deal with it regularly, is the way they write the fucking date.


What is it with the month/day/year format that they use in every day interactions with people in the rest of the world? They are totally fucking up the whole point of having a calendar. When I receive emails asking me about 3/6/17 and the writer doesn’t explicitly state ‘oh and by the way I’m from the USA, where we insist on doing this date thing totally arsebackwards’ (except of course they wouldn’t say ‘arse’, would they? Never mind), I have to write back to them and ask ‘I’m terribly sorry but do you mean the 3rd of June or the 6th of March?’  I am only able to decipher their date requests when the ‘day’ is after the 12th of the month.

Do they not teach people in schools in the USA that they are the only fucking people who write dates in this format (except occasionally Saudi Arabia and the Philippines, which begs all sorts of odd questions)? If not, I demand to know why not. I also demand that they start telling students in USA schools that when they try to make a booking using the month/date/year format in another country, they may well end up totally fucked because the person who receives their booking is likely to completely misunderstand.


So, today on 11/12/16 (the 11th of December 2016 – see why it makes sense?), I am fucking totally ungrateful for the USA making it difficult for the rest of the world to deal with them by not having a logical way of writing dates. They do realise we think the ‘worst’ day in their history is 11/9 (and that now works for both date formats for many) and their favourite firework day is 4/7 – the fucking fourth of July, not the July of the fourth. Get it?




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