December – The Official Month of Ungratefulness – Meditation #10

Guess what. Today is International Human Rights Day. I know that for sure because Facebook told me. I’ve spent my whole life benefiting from more human rights than most people and a few less than others. The human rights that I don’t benefit from are somewhat tempered by the privileges I was born with that give me some protection such as the geography of my birth, the amount of melanin in my skin and good genes. Basically, I have it pretty easy compared to most. I can celebrate International Human Rights Day. Yay!


Do those poor fuckers who really suffer from having little or no rights or dignity in this world even know there is a day to recognise the things they don’t have? Kids dying in Aleppo? Girls having their clits cut out of their bodies? Boys being bought and sold at the whims of sex traffickers? Men working in chemically toxic factories to provide for their families? Women being imprisoned for having miscarriages?

NEW YORK, NY - FEBRUARY 01: Shackles for slave children are seen on display at the New-York Historical Society on February 1, 2012 in New York City. A rare handwritten copy of the Thirteenth Amendment which abolished slavery after it was unveiled at the society today. The document, signed by Abraham Lincoln, was unveiled to coincide with Black History Month and will be on display until April 1. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Part of me wonders what they would think if they knew about this day. Would they be happier to know that people acknowledge the rights they do have and at least make a nod towards being aware of the rights that others don’t. How many people, I wonder, donate to organisations that work, around the world, to fight for the rights of people who are unable to fight for themselves on this day? Do people stop buying products made by slave labour today? Do they write to their political representatives demanding better treatment for the excluded and stigmatised in their own society?

Rights, like so many other things in this life, are things we take for granted when we have them and the people who have them seem to have a very tenuous grasp of what life would be without basic rights. Not the right to have as many fucking guns as they want. Not the right to yell at someone for saying ‘Happy Holidays’ instead of “Merry Christmas’. Not the right to be able to walk down the road without seeing homeless people. Not the right to be able to refuse to bake a rainbow cake.


Today is International Human Rights Day. Take a fucking moment and join me in being ungrateful for all the entitled privileged people in this world, like us, who could work together to make it unnecessary to have a day like this. Take a fucking moment and join me in being ungrateful for all the fuckers, who, in the name of their religion are actively trying to take away the rights of people all over the world and right under our fucking noses and making it even harder for those who are working towards change.


Today I’m truly fucking ungrateful that intelligent, empathetic, social creatures such as ourselves still haven’t gotten it together to find a way for everyone to benefit from equal dignity and rights. C’mon folks. Get your fucking act together. Can’t one of these many fucking gods that people worship get their people to be kind to one another? Please



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