December – The Official Month of Ungratefulness – Meditation #3

There are a ton of meaningful descriptions for the entitled, let me count them for you: ‘whiners’, ‘special snowflakes’, ‘whiners’, ‘privileged’, whiners’, ‘narcissistic arseholes’, ‘whiners’, ‘spoiled brats’, ‘whiners’ with ‘first world problems’, ‘totally self unaware’ and the list goes on and on ad nauseam. ‘Whiners!’ (I just had to say that one more time.) I definitely resemble one or two of those descriptions. A month of ungratefulness? Fuck. It doesn’t get much worse, does it? So, I think I am well placed to have a good old bitch about ‘the entitled’.


Today I was told by a young person, living in one of the most expensive countries in the world, who is healthy, has a job, has a roof over their head and who can afford to eat expensive imported products to meet her needs as a vegan that small traditional farmers, who love and care for their animals before eating them, are the same as pedophiles and Mengele.

I have to admit that I wondered if she preferred that the farmers, who create the pet food that she gives to the pets she chooses to keep, hate their animals and treat them like shit. Would this make her feel better or worse? Enquiring minds want to know. Unfortunately, as she now perceives me as a pedophile sympathiser, rational discourse became an unrealistic expectation.

Had she listened instead of whining loudly, irrationally and so passive aggressively as to make me wonder if she was medicated, she might have heard that I actually think that veganism is a cool lifestyle and I’ve even done the vegan thing myself. It exasperates me that some people, who appear to have such good intentions, can be so arseholish about it.

The truth is that  they  are fundamentalists whose religion is the worship of their own moral superiority. No different than Christians, who revoltingly make their children homeless, while muttering about hating the sin but loving the sinner. If you want people to eat less meat, pissing them off is just not the best way to go about it. Angry people are hungry people. Hungry meat eaters will just go out and buy a steak. Angry gay people will go out and have gay sex…well, actually, that’s not entirely true…but it sounds better than crying.



This ‘I’m so fucking special that the way I live and what I think is what is right and the rest of you are so fucking wrong and no I have no facts to support my position but it doesn’t matter because I know I’m right’ bleating is nothing new and so, we can’t really hang it all on millennials, even though it’s tempting.  Face it, being the generation that will be remembered for requiring ‘trigger warnings’ is certainly nothing they can be proud of. But we’re the generation who created them. So, they can fairly and squarely tell us to go fuck ourselves. Which they do, often.

The worst part is that we can’t even blame it on youth. I was much more arseholish when I ws young but look at some of these sad old bastards who are actually real, honest goodness racist, sexist bigots of the sort who like people who say what they think. Unless, of course, the people who say what they think call them a racist.  ‘I’m not a racist’ has become one of the most laughable identifiers of racists in existence. There are few things more whiny than a racist old person ranting that they are not racist.


I truly value and respect extreme and radical views. Those views are essential to create cultural and social change, whether for the good or bad. Change is fucking important. Have your views and I’ll respect your right to have them. Insult me, annoy me, bore me, ridicule me or harass me because I don’t share them and you can go and fuck right off. Yes, you. Fuck off. Fuck right off. Because I’m willing to listen to you and give you a hearing and if your arguments are amusing, interesting, eye opening …oh and one more thing that’s necessary…factual…then you may have the chance to educate me and change my mind. At my age, I can assure you, I’ve had my mind opened, changed, befuzzled, imploded, exploded and turned topsy turvy. I can handle it.

As soon as you get defensive, passive or aggressive aggressive, I’m going to do exactly what it is that you don’t want me to do. Just to piss you off. Unless you oppose eating liver. Because I won’t eat liver, no matter how much that would piss you off. So, for you, the whiners, who haven’t learned that you aren’t fucking special, I serve you a big fucking helpful of ungratefulness.

I hope this was ungrateful enough for my third meditation for December. You are welcome.

ps. We know the cheeto you voted for will now be President Cheeto of the USA. You can stop whining now.  You and your KKK buddies got what you wanted. Or, carry on whining, because the rest of the world can’t hear you as we’re laughing too fucking hard.  Seriously? #WhinyDonald #Stopbeingmeantome



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